The Virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning

Moving our Learning Forward

Via a Virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning

As connected educators, it is important to pause, reflect upon our journey, and share our best practices.

During the 2013-14 school year, connected educators in New York State and New Jersey, along with others across the states, engaged in many activities that exemplified a commitment to teaching and learning. Willingly, we shared our growth and learning during educational online chats throughout the year. During our last chat, on June 16, 2014, the moderators of #NYEDChat and #njed collaborated on a special project to blur state lines and remove regional boundaries. A virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning was designed  to collect educators’ best practices, important learnings, and blog posts.

Some educators have already shared their story of success at the Showcase of Teaching and Learning. Others will hopefully follow. It is the moderators’ hope that the showcase will become a living repository of best practices to impact teaching and learning.

Join in the global share of best practices to continue to raise the bar of learning for ourselves and our learners by contributing to the SHOWCASE of Teaching and Learning.

You can enter the site by clicking here.

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