#NYEDChat Archives

Click on the link below for archived chats.

May 10, 2012 APPR Chat (First #nyed Chat Topic: APPR)

May 17, 2012 DASA Chat (#nyed Chat Topic: Dignity for All Students Act for NY State which will be educational law on July 1, 2012)

May 24, 2012 Leading Change in Challenging Times (#nyed Chat Topic: Leading Change in Challenging Times based on Todd Whitaker book Leading School Change. We also need to keep our hands out of the candy jar! Just say no!)

May 31, 2012 Common Core State Standards (#nyed chat about CCSS and links to publications and good stuff!)

June 7, 2012 #nyed Chat Recap (#nyed chat about Tech implementation and how we support it in our schools.)

Relaunch name: #NYEDChat


Recap of Oct. 21, 2013 #NYEDChat Topic: NY Connected Educators

Recap of Nov. 4, 2013 #NYEDChat Topic:Student Engagement

Recap of Nov. 18, 2013 #NYEDChat Topic: How do we provide more opportunities for social learning?

Recap of Dec. 2, 2013 #NYEDChat Topic: Branding in Education

Recap of Dec. 16, 2013 #NYEDChat Topic: Why Twitter Educhats are Important for NY Educators.


Recap of Jan 13, 2014 #NYEDChat Topic: The Power of the PLN – Making #NYEDChat the Voice of NYS Educators

Recap of Jan. 27, 2014: #NYEDChat and #TLAP: Dave Burgess Guest Moderator: Teach Like a Pirate Bringing Passion to the

Recap of Feb. 10, 2014 #NYEDChat with guest moderator Peter DeWitt: Topic: School Climate: How to Build a Safe Environment to Engage Learners.

Recap of Feb. 24, 2014 #NYEDChat with guest moderator Peter Catalanotto Topic: Teaching Writing to Children

Recap of March 3, 2013 #NYEDChat with guest moderators Kate Roberts and Chris Lehman Topic: Teaching Reading in NYS

Recap of March 17, 2014 #NYEDChat with guest moderators Lisa Davis and Gwen Pescatore Topic: Parent Perspective EQ/SEL

Recap of April 21,2014 #NYEDChat Topic: End of Year Planning

Recap of May 6, 2014 #NYEDChat with guest moderators Pam Moran and Ira Socol. Topic: Teachers as Constructors of Exploration

Recap of June 3, 2014  #NYEDChat with #NJED and #COLChat titled #NJNYCOL – A Tri-State Chat (Chat archive by Billy Krakower)

Recap of August 25, 2014 #NYEDChat Topic:  Beginning the School Year on a Positive Note

Recap of September 8, 2014 #NYEDChat Topic:  Back To School Night

Recamp of September 22, 2014 #NYEDChat Topic:  Connnecting with Fellow Educators

Recap of November 3, 2o14 #NYEDChat Topic:  The Homework Deception

Recap of December 15, 2014 #NYEDChat Topic:  Holiday Cheer


Recap of January 12, 2015 #NYEDChat Topic:  Professional Learning Communities

Recap of January 26, 2015 #NYEDChat Topic:  Book Love

Recap of February 23, 2015 #NYEDChat Topic:  Principal Professional Development

Recap of March 9, 2015 #NYEDChat Topic:  Digital Citizenship

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