Author: Victoria L. Day

PreK-5 Lead Learner @eastelementary NY music teacher, violinist, bc survivor, co-moderator #NYEDChat co-organizer #EdcampUNY and a fun auntie!

#NYEDChat 12/15/2014 Holiday Cheer

Join #NYEDChat for some Holiday Cheer on Monday, December 15 at 8:30p.m. EST

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Questions below

Welcome to #NYEDChat. Please introduce yourself with your name, role and location. 8:30 pm
Invite a colleague to #NYEDChat‘s Holiday Open House for some cheer. 8:31 pm
Q1 Spreading holiday cheer involves having a positive outlook. What can you do to promote positivity  this season? #NYEDChat 8:35 pm
Q2 What you done to bring joy and passion back into the classroom? #NYEDChat 8:42 pm
Q3 Name one professional and one personal book that you recommend for a holiday gift. #NYEDChat 8:49 pm
Q3 Exchanging holiday cards is a lost art. Pen a quick one to send to a #NYEDChat colleague? 8:56 pm
Q4 If you could establish one goal for 2015 to enhance your craft, what would it be?  #NYEDChat 9:02 pm
Q5 What can we do on the first days of the new year to keep positivity and passion alive in our schools? 9:09 pm
Q6 The Gift of Giving: How has someone in your PLN changed your life? #NYEDChat 9:19 pm
TY for joining the #NYEDChat Holiday Open House tonight. 9:26 pm
Join #NYEDChat on January 12, 2015 for a new year of learning. 9:30 pm


#NYEDChat New Website Under Construction


Although we loved our #NYEDChat Wiki page, we thought it was time to update our website to a blog so we all can add content to page.  This is still under construction and will feature various pages so you can have access to our topics, our Storify sessions, resources, and fun and crazy things we do during our chats.  A link will be on our former wiki page to direct any new tweeps and followers to this page due to our card QR code.  We will see you soon!


The #NYEDChat moderators!