#NYEDChat 12/15/2014 Holiday Cheer

Join #NYEDChat for some Holiday Cheer on Monday, December 15 at 8:30p.m. EST

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Questions below

Welcome to #NYEDChat. Please introduce yourself with your name, role and location. 8:30 pm
Invite a colleague to #NYEDChat‘s Holiday Open House for some cheer. 8:31 pm
Q1 Spreading holiday cheer involves having a positive outlook. What can you do to promote positivity  this season? #NYEDChat 8:35 pm
Q2 What you done to bring joy and passion back into the classroom? #NYEDChat 8:42 pm
Q3 Name one professional and one personal book that you recommend for a holiday gift. #NYEDChat 8:49 pm
Q3 Exchanging holiday cards is a lost art. Pen a quick one to send to a #NYEDChat colleague? 8:56 pm
Q4 If you could establish one goal for 2015 to enhance your craft, what would it be?  #NYEDChat 9:02 pm
Q5 What can we do on the first days of the new year to keep positivity and passion alive in our schools? 9:09 pm
Q6 The Gift of Giving: How has someone in your PLN changed your life? #NYEDChat 9:19 pm
TY for joining the #NYEDChat Holiday Open House tonight. 9:26 pm
Join #NYEDChat on January 12, 2015 for a new year of learning. 9:30 pm



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